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What is Growth
Driven Design?

Funnel Sharks Growth-Driven Design (GDD) delivers key components that transform “spending on a website” into “investment in lead-generation”.


  • Implement improvements driven on your users behavior
  • Qualify leads, and convert them into new clients
  • Keep your site's design fresh and up to date.
  • Create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you

How it works

We make it easy and fast to get you up and running with a website designed to generate new business.

1. Strategy

First we'll do extensive competitive research to learn how competitors may be outdoing your efforts. Then we'll add our own ideas in and come up with a design strategy to not only improve the look of your site, but also the functionality (user experience) and visibility (traffic).

2. Launch Pad website

Next, we'll decide which strategies are critical for launch and launch your site with a shiny new look and all the basics. We want to purposefully launch with the essentials so we can start gathering data quickly and make decisions based on the data that comes back.

3. Continuous Improvement

Say goodbye to redesigns. With growth-driven design your site will always stay free and up-to-date. The best part of this approach is that by rolling out improvements individually and gathering data from visitor reactions, we can learn and make adjustments to your site aimed to improve conversion rate.

Traditional VS

Growth-Driven Design

    • Traditional Design

    • Higher up-front costs
    • Usually no major updates for 3+ years
    • Higher risk of scope creep & late delivery
    • Design is based on assumption
    • Website launches slowly
    • Growth-Driven Design

    • Lower up-front costs
    • Constantly updated for continuous improvement
    • No risk of scope creep & late delivery
    • Design is based on user data
    • Website launches fast

The Anatomy of a Funnel Sharks Growth-Driven Website

We develop your website for real results and continue to refine and improve.

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