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What is a Client
Acquisition System?

Funnel Sharks Client Acquisition System (CAS) drives traffic into a well-refined sales funnel so you "sign clients on demand" at "the price you command".


  • Get you the clients you dream to work with.
  • Scale your business.
  • Get you clients that will pay the price you want to charge.
  • Refine and improve it based on your users behavior.
  • Predict how much it will cost you to acquire a new client.
  • The Funnel Sharks

    Client Acquisition System

    Our Client Acquisition System is a strategized series of actions that moves your customers to complete your Call to Action (ie. become a new client) through different media channels and using a variety of different advertisements.

    Our system delivers a boost in visibility for your company and helps you grow your business in a calculated and efficient way.

    How it works


We'll select the appropriate distribution channels that we'll use to drive traffic.


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads


LinkedIn Ads


YouTube Ads


Marketing Automation

We utilize marketing automation to qualify and nuture all leads so when you speak to them they'll already be itching to sign.

The Buyers Journey

We make it easy and fast to get you up and running with your dream site.

1) Attract

First we review your brand... Does it effectively connect with your audience? Are you attracting the audiences you’re targeting? Then we evaluate overall online presence... We examine your website user experience and marketing copy, how easy the information to understand, and if your services/products are clear. Then we will make adjustments to your marketing message to better communicate with your audience and improve their user experience with you.

2) Convert

Next we will focus on converting site visitors into leads by infusing your website with a sales funnel. To get a prospect to opt-in (convert to lead) a guide, cheat sheet, webinar or checklist that helps them during their decision-making process. We create Calls-to-Action (CTA’s) that are too enticing to pass up. As we stimulate interactive behavior, not only will your list of contacts grow, but your chances to close deals increases as well.

3) Close

Then we'll focus on nurturing your leads, customers have interacted with your content and now they’re ready to make a purchase. Congratulations! The next step is to make it as easy as possible for them to make their purchase. To do this, you need to make sure all payment software is up to date, all prices are visible and that the payment process is quick and painless. We recommend executing a “marketing automation” to nurture leads into paying customers. This process deepens back-and-forth communication, and increases opportunities to close sales.

4) Delight

Once the products or services have been delivered, the relationship isn’t over. Keep customers happy with ongoing customer service. Preferred discounts on future items and surveys that ask (and value) their opinions are great ways to generate additional sales. To turn customers into promoters, we encourage them to spread the word about their positive experiences buying from you. Followers who “like” and “re-tweet” your company’s brand messaging are “Word of Web” messengers who promote better than virtually any other method available.

Industry-Leading Funnel Software

We utilize Click Funnels for it's powerful sales funnel software to create and manage sales funnels for our clients.

It is our mission to create robust and flexible sales funnels that allow us to make adjustments quickly to gaurantee the best results for you.

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